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Motul Shine & Go Video Transcript

Hey, what's up everybody?

Just wanted to do a product shoutout today. We've got Motul here.

It's a shine and go. It's going to be like SC1, but in my opinion, it's a lot better.

It doesn't leave a greasy finish. If you want to come look at this. Easy as this.

Spray it down real good. Let it sit for a minute. Do it right after you wash.
Give it a quick wipe down. Have those plastics looking like new.

Conditions the plastic. Doesn't leave a greasy finish like SC1 does.

I mean, you can see how dry and nasty looking those were.

That's the stuff for you.

About Motul Shine & Go

Motul Shine & Go UTV Spray

High gloss coating is specifically formulated to protect and beautify multiple surfaces such as plastic, vinyl and carbon fiber. Safe for use on plastic, gloss or matte finishes. Excellent for use on plastic fenders, wheel wells and components.

Outstanding mud and rubber deflector. Makes the cleaning-up process easier. Can be applied to the surface and left untouched or allowed to setup and buffed to a dry sheen leaving a long-lasting luster without attracting dirt and road debris.

  • Water resistant
  • High gloss coating restores factory shine and color
  • Safe on all finishes
  • Excellent mud and debris release when left on surface wet
  • Leaves a dry, long lasting luster
  • Fresh clean scent
  • New bike in a can

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