Can-Am X3 Turbo R-RR Stage 2 & 3 Clutch Kit (2017-2021)

Year: 2017-2021 Non-Pdrive
Riding Style: Stage 2 (Sand/Desert)
Sale price$879.99


Introducing Ibexx’s stage 2 and stage 3 clutch kit; this is the second level to upgrading your clutching. This kit comes with the addition of a new helix and spring for your secondary clutch.


There are 2 options for this kit, stage 2 or stage 3; the options are interchangeable to a certain degree. Make your selection based on your primary style of riding.

Stage 2

The stage 2 kit is designed to work well in all conditions and accel in high speed or sand dune riding. This will give you a little faster turbo spool up than our other kit but still maintain good belt forces for normal dune riding and high speed desert riding.

Stage 3

The stage 3 kit is designed to work well in all conditions but accel in slow speed conditions such as rock crawling, hill climbing, mud bogging, or tight trail riding. We have added an additional magnet in the top, rear of the weights to give you more belt force and lower clutch engagement at slow speeds. 

Kit Includes

  • Specially designed green profile weights
  • Secondary Spring
  • Helix
  • Magnets
  • Bushings

Note: Stage 3 kit is for rock crawling, mud bogging, slow trail riding, or anyone running 35″ tires or bigger.

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