The Ultimate Guide to UTV Tender Springs: Elevate Comfort and Ride Height

The Ultimate Guide to UTV Tender Springs: Elevate Comfort and Ride Height


UTV (Utility Task Vehicles) enthusiasts know that the secret to a great off-road experience lies in the details—especially when it comes to your vehicle's suspension system. One crucial element that's often overlooked is the UTV Tender Springs. In this guide, we'll delve into why these little marvels of engineering can drastically improve your ride in terms of comfort and height.

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What are UTV Tender Springs?

UTV Tender Springs are a specific type of spring in your UTV's suspension system. Their primary role is to absorb the initial impact and bumps your vehicle encounters on the trail. Made from high-quality materials, tender springs work in tandem with your existing suspension components to provide a smooth and responsive ride.

UTV Tender Spring

The Importance of Comfort

Why Comfort Matters

When you’re out exploring new trails or taking a weekend adventure, the last thing you want is to be jostled around so much that the fun turns into fatigue. That’s where UTV Tender Springs come into play.

The Role of Tender Springs in Comfort

By cushioning the initial blows and imperfections of the trail, tender springs contribute to a plush, smooth riding experience. This is particularly beneficial for those long trail days or when your route involves challenging terrains.

UTV Tender Springs On Rough Mountain Trail

The Benefits of Enhanced Ride Height

What is Ride Height?

Ride height is the vertical distance between the ground and the base of your UTV. Increasing this height has direct benefits when it comes to obstacle clearance.

How Tender Springs Affect Ride Height

Upgrading to UTV Tender Springs can add an additional 2"-3" of ride height, aiding in easier navigation over rocks, roots, and other obstacles you might encounter on the trail.

Increased UTV Ride Height

Terrains Where Tender Springs Make a Difference

Rocky Trails

Higher ride height means easier navigation over rocky outcrops. Tender springs are instrumental in maintaining a smooth ride over such challenging terrain.

UTV in Rocky Trail

Forest Paths

Tender springs help absorb the shock from roots and embedded stones, ensuring a smoother, more comfortable ride.

UTV Driving Through Forrest

Mud and Wet Surfaces

The improved ride height also helps in tackling muddy conditions, providing that extra clearance to help prevent getting bogged down.

UTV Driving Through Mud

Sand Dunes

The spring's cushioning effects provide a smoother glide over sandy terrains, making the ride more enjoyable.

UTV Driving through the sand dunes

Mountain Trails

Climbing steep paths requires a suspension system that can adapt to rapid changes in terrain. Tender springs help maintain ride comfort even when the trail gets tough.

UTV Driving Through Mountains

Installation and Maintenance

Adding new tender springs is a straightforward process, but professional installation services are always available. Routine maintenance should include checks for wear and tear to ensure long-lasting effectiveness.



Whether it’s the added comfort or the elevated ride height, UTV Tender Springs offer multiple advantages that can dramatically improve your off-roading experience. By understanding their importance and how they contribute to a more enjoyable ride, you’ll be better prepared for whatever the trail throws your way.