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Super Comp USA

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SuperComp USA: Revolutionizing Power Sports with Aerospace Precision

Who We Are

SuperComp USA stands at the forefront of innovation in the power sports industry, driven by a passion for revolutionizing UTV accessories. Born from a rich heritage in aerospace engineering, our expertise in precision manufacturing is now channeled into producing top-tier UTV windshields and storage boxes. When you choose SuperComp, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in American craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and a legacy of durability and safety.

Our Products

UTV Windshields

Our UTV windshields are a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. Designed with the rigors of off-road environments in mind, each windshield promises exceptional clarity, durability, and fit. Perfect for enthusiasts who demand the best, our windshields ensure maximum visibility and protection from the elements.

UTV Storage Boxes

Crafted with precision, our UTV storage boxes offer robust, secure storage solutions that keep your gear protected and organized. Whether you're hitting the trails or the race track, our storage boxes integrate seamlessly with your vehicle, providing convenient access and peace of mind.

Our Mission

At SuperComp USA, our mission is clear: to integrate aerospace technologies into the power sports industry, elevating standards of speed, safety, and design. Our products are not just built, but engineered to enhance your riding experience, ensuring each adventure is safe and enjoyable.

Why Choose SuperComp?

Choosing SuperComp means opting for a product born from a love for both innovation and the great outdoors. We transitioned from building aerospace parts to focusing on power sports because we believe in bringing the same level of precision and technology to the recreational industry. Our products stand as a beacon of American engineering excellence, promising not just performance but a revolution in how power sports equipment is perceived and used.

Dive into the future of power sports with SuperComp USA—where your passion for adventure meets our passion for innovation.