At R1, we build our gear so that you won't have to use our warranty, but just in case you do, we offer the best warranty in the industry. We offer a non-transferrable lifetime warranty that covers just about everything.

To start an R1 warranty claim, simply email

GEN 4 Wildcat Extreme Whips Lifetime Warranty

All R1 GEN 4 Wildcat Extreme whips are backed with our R1 lifetime warranty.*

To start an R1 warranty claim, simply email We will send you a warranty form, which you will need to print and include with the old whips you are exchanging. As soon as we receive your warrantied items with the warranty form, we will process the warranty. You may bring the whips to our UTV shop in Lindon, UT, or pay to ship them to and from our facility.

GEN 3 Wildcat Extreme Whips Warranty

All R1 GEN 3 Wildcat Extreme whips are coved under our warranty. Starting July 30, 2021, we highly recommend upgrading from our GEN 3 to GEN 4 whips because these GEN 4 whips are engineered to be a massive improvement over GEN 3. If you upgrade to the improved whip, there will be a fee of $75 per whip. You will receive a brand new whip and quick-release mount.

As part of the warranty, you will need to provide us with a trade-in of your GEN 3 whips. We do not need your harness as the GEN 4 whips will use the same GEN 3 harness. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email us at

*Altering the whips in any way voids the warranty. (Cutting the whip to make it shorter; Cutting the wiring on the whip itself.) We realize you may need to cut your harness to make it fit, to run the wires more efficiently, or for cosmetic reasons, but we are unable to warranty modified harnesses. If you modify your harness and it quits working, you may purchase a new harness.

R1 reserves the right to deny warranty replacement due to operator negligence or apathy. Our lifetime whip warranty is intended to be used when needed by the original owner, when the whip breaks due to normal wear and tear or manufacturer defects. We may be unable to swap out different versions or lengths. No credits or additional items will be given during the warranty process.​ Cosmetic damages that do not impact the overall function of the whip may not need to be warrantied.

The industry-leading warranty stands to back R1's industry-leading whips. Chances are, you won't need it. If you do, it'll be as hassle-free as possible.

Warranties are non-transferrable. They are designed to offer peace of mind to the original owner surrounding their investment for the duration of the time (lifetime) that they own their R1 whips. If R1 Industries-branded whips were installed by your dealership, please let us know when starting a warranty.


While rare, due to the nature of glass, windshields may crack during shipping, despite our best efforts to package them effectively. In these instances, please call or email us for assistance. We will cover up to $225 dollars for repair work done at a pre-approved glass shop for Dirt Warrior Accessories windshields. Other windshield brands are handled on a case-by-case basis.

We are unable to provide assistance if action is taken without notifying us first.

Refusal to accept packages for any reason, including damage, may result in excess shipping costs, covered by the refusing party. Pictures may be requested to document damage and repairs. Costs covered will be reimbursed after work has been completed. Email:

All Other R1 Industries Products

R1 backs all our R1-manufactured products with a 30-day warranty (with the exception of fiberglass poles). This warranty covers material workmanship and manufacturer defects. Items that have been modified in any way void this warranty.* This warranty does not cover accidents, theft, operator negligence, or acts of nature. R1 will warranty R1-manufactured products in the first 30 days.* After 30 days, contact us for replacement options.

If your product is no longer stocked or has been discontinued, you will be offered a replacement option. A replacement fee may be assessed if the item has been significantly upgraded. To submit an R1 warranty claim, please email us at and we will send you a warranty form. Once you receive the form, please mail the product back with the warranty form to the address listed on the form.

*Modifications include but are not limited to: cutting wires, changing original wiring setup, damage due to improper installation, running oversize flags, modification of the product in any way, cutting wiring harness, damage caused by negligence, or item being used outside of the intended or advertised purposes.

If an item is sent back without our warranty form, we will not warranty the product until we receive the form. We cannot warranty any product without receiving your defective item first. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs unless otherwise informed by R1 Industries.

Submitting a Claim

To start an R1 warranty claim, simply email