Polaris Pro R Xtravel Suspension System Polaris Pro R Xtravel Suspension System Polaris Pro R Xtravel Suspension System Polaris Pro R Xtravel Suspension System

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Product Description

UTV Suspension System - UTV Parts

Xtravel front suspension’s virtual pivot geometry decouples horizontal and vertical load reactions, making for reliably smooth and precise steering control. This groundbreaking innovation almost completely eliminates unwanted steering feedback. With increased tire contact patch around tight turns it also enables better traction and stability. The double shear connection points and multiple links of chromoly steel make it stronger and more durable than traditional suspension, too. This means better safety, fewer repairs & breakdowns, and more peace of mind. From pro off-road racing to recreation, Xtravel Technology is unparalleled.

Our Polaris RZR Pro R UTV suspension kit includes all the parts you need to upgrade your side-by-side to the next level of performance on your off-road adventures. Feel the difference with Xtravel.

Performance Specs

  • Track width: 74” – oem width for models equipped with 74” arms from factory
  • Wheel base: no increase to maintain optimal handling with oem shocks
  • All pivot arms use fk uniballs & 17-4 stainless misalignments for increased durability & strength


  • Front Upper Links
  • Front Lower Links
  • Billet Shock Clevis’s
  • Billet Shock Link Pivot
  • Fabricated Spindles
  • Machined Spacers
  • Outer Tie Rods (Requires OEM Inner)


  • Re-use factory inner and outer tierods (not included with kit)

Important Notes

  • While webstore may display an in-stock status, webstore does not track kit inventory in real time – please contact our sales team for the current lead time on kit components
  • This system was designed around oem shocks. You do not need to purchase aftermarket shocks to install this system

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