UTV Parking Brake

Machine: RZR/Ranger (Fits RZR Models & 900 & 1000 Rangers)
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Heavy Duty Parking Brake for your Polaris RZR/UTV with Locking Feature

This brake allows for a pad-lock to be inserted through pre-machined holes to give you the added option to use as a theft deterrent.  

Installation is simple and quick, back out the 13mm nuts on the master cylinder behind the brake pedal, put on the Spring Brake Thingy, then put the nuts back on.  It is that simple and quick, takes no more than 2-3 minutes.

To operate, depress brake pedal with right foot, slide lever over brake pedal arm with your left foot and the SBT engages all 4 brakes.  Once set, add your own pad lock (1/4" to 5/16" shaft) for that extra security.  To release simply unlock pad lock, remove, and depress brake pedal.

Fitment Note: The "Polaris Mid-Size Ranger (Fits 2019+ 500/570 Models)" option does not have a locking feature.

Customer Reviews

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Greg Horne
Awesome Parking Brake

Bought this as a safety item when parking my UTV on steep slopes, which tends to happen on many of my group rides.

Super easy to install (less than 3 mins) and it’s also great to use when the vehicle is on the trailer. Only thing that could be improved for the Can Am models is the padlock option for anti-theft for the vehicle.

John Jones

UTV Parking Brake - Spring Brake Thingy

Quenton Wagstaff

The Spring Brake Thingy WILL save your transmission by applying the brakes wherever you park. Incline ect. This drastically reduces the CLUNCK that wears transmissions faster. Compare the price of this component compared to the labor, backordered transmission parts and a new transmission and its a NO BRAINER. Just tell your wife it was a must! Drive safe a God Bless All!

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