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Customization is one of the best parts of owning a side-by-side. You can choose just about everything around the chassis, including whether or not you have a roof, and what type of roof and features you want. There are pros and cons to getting a roof for your UTV, but we think having one makes sense for most people. Here are three reasons to add a side-by-side roof.

1 Weather Protection for You and Your UTV

rzr pro xp 4 aluminum roof

One of the most obvious reasons for installing a roof on your side-by-side is weather. Not only does a roof help keep rain off you and out of your machine (most effective when accompanied by a UTV windshield), it protects you from environments affected by weather. High-flying mud, kicked-up debris, and falling tree branches and leaves will have a harder time getting to you.

Here’s an example of an RZR roof with a front drip edge to stop water from falling in your lap.

Which UTV Roof Material Is Best?

Since protection is a major reason for getting a roof, you’re probably wondering which material to choose. There are multiple options, including aluminum, hard plastic, and polycarbonate.

Aluminum roofs are the most well-rounded option, as they are durable, dependable, and affordable. When taken care of, they can last you for years and years to come.

Hard plastic roofs can also be a great choice. They are often less expensive than the other two materials, while still offering good protection and decent aesthetics.

Polycarbonate roofs can be more expensive but not always. They offer more visibility as they are transparent unlike the other two materials, and they are still fairly durable and dependable.

Popular Roofs By Material

2 Cool, Shady Spot When There Is None

polaris pro xp 4 roof

Finding shade out on the dunes is basically impossible. I mean, unless you stop your machine and go sit right next to it, which doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, not going to lie. A roof can almost become essential, depending on where you like riding, because it provides shade. Even in an area filled with trees, a roof can help keep you better protected from the sun, with a full cover.

Add “Air-Conditioning” to Your UTV

Keeping cool in a UTV is hard. The motor is next to the seats, the sun is up above. A roof can help a lot, but it’s not going to actively cool you. Easy-cools, on the other hand, are a quick and easy solution for staying cool while driving. Combine them with a roof and you’ll be the most comfortable you’ve ever been while riding around. And, they're not going to break the bank.

3 A Nice UTV Roof Completes Your UTV

rzr pro xp 4 roof

The last reason for getting a roof for your side-by-side is how it looks. In a way, it completes an otherwise incomplete machine, and it’s always removable if you decide you want to take it off. If you’ve never installed a roof, you’ll probably be surprised by how different it can make things.

Make Sure It’s Compatible First

One final note about UTV roofs. You need to make sure they’re compatible before you run out and get one. If you have a stock roll cage, then you should be able to easily install aftermarket roofs with no trouble at all. Customizations make things a little more difficult, but not by much. You just need to talk to a professional UTV mechanic before placing your order.

Getting Covered and Comfortable

Now that you know a little more about UTV roofs, you can easily order one to install yourself or schedule a time to bring your machine into our UTV repair and service shop in Lindon, Utah, for professional recommendations and care. We can help you stay covered and comfortable, no matter where you ride, with the best aftermarket UTV roofs and accessories in the industry.

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