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There are reasons for getting RGB light whips besides the fact that they’re insanely cool. They help you visually broadcast your location to other UTV drivers from dusk to dawn and bring your side-by-side into alignment with various off-road safety rules and regulations. With that in mind, it’s obviously important to choose the best whips. Here’s what to know when choosing.

Understand: What Are Lighted Whips For?

There are two types of whips: day whips (non-lit) and LED whips (lit). When the sun is out, it’s fairly easy to see UTVs cruising around the off-road, especially with colored flags mounted high above each vehicle on whips. However, when the sun fully sets, it’s almost impossible to see UTVs in off-road environments. So, lighted whips are for helping people see your side-by-side.

Why Have UTV Light Whips?

Unless you plan on using your side-by-side exclusively during the day on your own private property, chances are, you’re going to have to get light whips. This is because a lot of state parks require them when operating a UTV on trails and within certain boundaries and timeframes. Safety is the name of the game, and LED whips are a great way to help keep everyone safe.

rzr whips and rock lights

How Do LED Whips Work?

Any LED whip worth its salt is bright, bright, bright, which requires a lot more power than a few small batteries can realistically give. That means, lighted LED whips are installed with a wiring harness connected to the vehicle’s battery. Each whip is also mounted to the roll cage of the UTV, sometimes with a special mount or possibly through stock holes designed for mounting.

Consider: What Makes a Whip the Best?

When choosing a UTV light whip, it’s important to consider how it’ll fit with your machine and riding style. If you already have a tall roll cage, and you just need a couple of feet to keep your UTV compliant with height requirements, then a pair of 2-foot whips, which will be naturally stronger than anything longer, may be the simple, no-frills solution you’re looking for.

Length and Flexibility

The longer the LED whips, the more flexibility they need. This doesn’t mean they have to bend ninety degrees or flop around; it means they should smoothly whip back and forth while driving. If a whip is not flexible, the rigid movement could lead to internal components breaking or the exterior protector cracking. Spring mounts can be added to help keep whips flexible at the base.

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Strength and Dependability

Strength and dependability rely heavily on how a light whip is designed and constructed. When engineered properly, lighted whips should last for years, even when used frequently on rough terrain. A tight spiral of LEDs wrapped in ultra-clear UV-resistant heat shrink can make the whip strong without compromising brightness. LEDs strung in a straight line are more prone to break.

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Brightness and Versatility

Of course, an RGB light whip that lasts for years without any cool features or modes is not good enough. Having a side-by-side for off-roading is all about having a blast, after all. Light whips should use super clear material that allows LEDs to shine brightly all the way around. Any physical remotes or supporting apps should allow for patterns and solid colors at a minimum.

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Support and Longevity

Buying light whips can often be an exercise in getting what you pay for, but that doesn’t mean you should go out and buy the most expensive pair. You just want to make sure you’re getting the best you can for your money. If you have any questions about whether the brand you pick will honor the whip warranty or provide support for years to come, it might not be worth it.

R1 Industries’ Whip Warranty

We love whips at R1 Industries because designing and manufacturing whips is how we got our start and made our name. Our founder, Riley Erickson, couldn’t find any whips on the market that wouldn’t break after a few uses, so he created his own. Fast forward to today, and anyone can pick up a pair of long-lasting, dependable R1 whips, backed by our lifetime warranty.

Choose: Which Whips Should You Pick?

Alright, now that you know a bit more about what makes a light whip good, which ones do you pick? At R1 Industries, we have two excellent options, backed by our industry-leading warranty:

utv whips and rock lights

Best Value: R1’s Whip and Rock Light Combo Kit

This whip kit is perfect for UTV hobbyists and enthusiasts who want an amazing product without the higher price point of our premium Wildcat whips.

best utv light whips

Best Whips: R1’s Wildcat Extreme LED Light Whips

These are the strongest and most dependable whips that tore through the UTV industry and solidified R1 Industries’ future as the place for UTV accessories.

Another Bright Idea For Your UTV

Since riding around in your side-by-side is more fun with the right gear, don’t put off making yourself comfortable or keeping yourself safe. There are a lot of exciting UTV accessories out there. At R1 Industries, we can help you find the ones that fit your riding style and your budget.

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