KnucKL-EyeZ Magnetic Lens Goggles

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Magnetic Lens Goggles Video Transcript

What's up, guys, it's Riley with R1 Industries. Today we're doing a product spotlight on these amazing KnucKL-EyeZ goggles. So, what's cool about these goggles is they have magnetic lenses. They pop in and out -- just like that.

Every single set comes with 3 lenses, so you get: a clear lens; you get: an amber lens; and then you either get to choose a fire red; we have a ghost blue, or we have the chrome.

And then, what's really cool to go over the top, they come with these really nice cases. Open them up: you've got a really nice cleaning cloth bag. You've got your goggles. You've got your three lenses. Everything's good to go.

The owner's wear glasses, so they design them to go over glasses. So really cool there. They breathe really nice. They don't fog up.

And, the reason that I love them is obviously we do the light whips and everything, so we go night riding a lot, which is really nice... I can use my chrome lenses during the day -- I have that dark tint, and then at night all I've got to do is swap to my clear lens and boom, I can night ride. I can day ride. Everything.

These goggles are amazing. They're extremely comfortable. Have the adjustable straps on the back. These do work on motocross helmets as well. So really awesome buy: check them out on our website.

About KnucKL-EyeZ Magnetic Lens Goggles

KnucKL-EyeZ Magnetic Lens Goggles

These high quality goggles have both style and durability in mind! These goggles include a heavy duty carrying case, 3 lenses, 1 cleaning bag, and 1 goggle frame.

These goggles are top of the line because the lenses are magnetic and you can change your lenses in seconds! The best part is these goggles fit perfectly over prescription glasses and are extremely comfortable.

This kit includes:

  • 1 X Clear Lens
  • 1 X Yellow Lens
  • 1 X Your Choice of Lens
  • 1 X Heavy-Duty Case
  • 1 X Len Cleaning Towel

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