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Easy-Cool Door Latches Video Transcript

What's up, guys? It's Riley with R1 Industries. Today, we are talking about one of my absolute favorite products for the off-road industry. This product right here will change your life. I can guarantee that. This product is called the Easy Cool, made by Keep Smiling Powersports.

And, it is one of the most brilliant things ever.

So, how it works: You've got this little piece of aluminum that's been machined and designed to fit inside your door perfectly.

So, you're going to open up the door.

You can see this hook here is going to latch on your stock factory door latch, and then all you have to do is simply line up your door latch with the hole in the aluminum and now you have, basically, air conditioning, which is really cool.

A lot of us here, especially in Utah, Arizona, California: the hot weather states; these are a must-have.

The nice thing is these Easy Cools do not stick out past your fender, so you're not going to get rocks and debris flipping up in there. They're going to hit your fender first before they go into your door. So, these only allow the air to flow through the cab.

A lot of you guys--Polaris guys, specifically--everybody knows the center column gets extremely hot. That heat radiates off the center column on your legs. It's uncomfortable for everybody. So, a simple upgrade with some Easy Cools will seriously make a huge difference during those hot summer days.

So, pick up a set. We've got tons of them in stock. Shipping is extremely fast so, yeah, this a must-need, pick one up today!

About Easy-Cool Door Latches

utv air conditioning door latches

Keep Smiling’s Easy-Cool UTV Door Latches are a cost-effective, simple and convenient way to increase airflow in the cab of your UTV on those hot riding days.

  • Creates air flow and eliminates hot, stagnant air in the cab
  • Simple install to existing door latch mechanism
  • Eliminates negative pressure in cab
  • Installs in less than 10 seconds
  • Available for most UTV makes/models
  • Made in Utah, U.S.A.

How To Buy: https://r1industriesoffroad.com/products/easy-cool-utv-door-latches-black