Aftermarket Assassins Custom Tunes for 2017-2019 RZR XP Turbo

Model/Year: 2018 -2019 RZR Turbo S (2 or 4 seat)
Select Tune 1: Stage 1 - Stock Power (Limiters Removed)
Select Tune 2: Stage 1 - Stock Power (Limiters Removed)
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If you are looking for massive power gains or just a little more umph our tunes will rock your world! Or tunes will throw massive power to the wheels while still focusing on reliability. Check out our tunes below. 

Each tuner includes 2 tunes and also keeps your stock tune.  

The Level 1 tune is a modified stock power level tune, but has better boost maps to help keep you in the power.  We disable many limiters, up the speed limit, rev limit, and make necessary fuel & timing changes. This tune pushes 15-15.5psi of boost which is the same as stock but our mapping decreases engine temps and boost temps. 

The Level 2 tune offers 16-16.5psi of boost and you will gail around 10-15 horse power at the wheels. This tune can be used with the stock or aftermarket exhaust.  Clutching is highly recommended with this tune, as just tuning the machine will not properly transfer the power to the ground.  This tune requires 91 Octane Fuel.

The Level 3 tune is a game changer! We designed this to to hit hard and have gains of 20-25 horse power to the wheels. This tune runs on 17-17.5 psi. These are absolutely huge power gains that will have you grinning from ear to ear.  This tune must be used with an aftermarket exhaust and requires clutching. Waste gate rod adjustment is needed for maximum gains. This tune requires 93 Octaine Fuel. 

The Level 4 tune runs on 97-100 octane fuel and hits around 18-18.5psi boost on race fuel. From testing, we know that this is the limit of the factory turbo before it becomes inefficient and simply starts blowing too much hot air. We correct many maps for this octane rating, assuring the most possible power.  This tune packs a huge punch! Exhaust and clutching are needed with this tune. Waste gate rod adjustment is needed for maximum gains. Billet BOV is also recommended. This tune runs on 100 Octane Fuel. 

Level 5: get ready to drop the hammer!  If you don't like to lose races, this tune is your friend.... and If you're friends don't like to lose either... they might not be your friends for long.  This tune is developed for 110 octane fuel and really hits hard.  This tune runs around 18-18.5 psi.  This is where we found the turbo to max out so we went to our timing tables and did some work.  Adding a revised timing curve with these boost pressures is a recipe for absolutely stupid power that hits harder than you can imagine.  Exhaust and clutching are needed with this tune. Waste gate rod adjustment is needed for maximum gains. Billet BOV is also recommended. 

Level 6:  Have E85 local to you?  Time to fill up and start turning heads!  This tune is developed on the stock injectors and stock fuel pump for E85 fuel... thats right, just gas up and hammer down.  E85 is a great race fuel replacement as it runs very cool and can sustain high boost and advanced timing maps..... which equal awesome power!  We crank out all our level 5 tune has and even a little more.  Keep in mind E85 takes about 30% more fuel to run, so it will guzzle fuel fast.  This tune runs an average of 18-18.5 PSI of boost and will require you to adjust the waste gate. 

Max boost levels are listed as reference only. Altitude, temperature, charge temps, intercooler temps and many other conditions play into a factor of final boost output.

If you have any other needs in these tunes, or any concerns; please e-mail!

Oh... and get ready for your RZR to flat out rip!

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