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UTV Snow Plow - UTV Parts 

The amazing Rival Supreme High-Lift Snowplow Kit is here to take on your toughest winter plowing tasks! This mid-mount unit offers impressive blade height adjustability, letting you create taller and more impressive snow mounds. Plus, it has a full 180 degrees of blade adjustability, so you can push snow where you need it. And, with the simple push of a foot pedal, taking the plow on and off is a breeze. Get ready to take your snow plowing to the next level!


Kit Includes:

• Strong robot welded push tube
• Stamped Blade for superior strength 
• Reversible Wear Bar
• Ski Shoes included 
• Wing included
• Heavy Duty square tube frame
• Quick release mounting system
• Does not come with a winch



Commander 800 2013-2016
Commander 800 DPS 2014-2017
Commander 800 XT 2014-2015
Commander 800R 2013-2020
Commander 800R DPS 2013-2018
Commander 800R XT 2013-2018
Commander 1000 2013-2014
Commander 1000 DPS 2013-2017
Commander 1000 Limited 2013-2018
Commander 1000 Mossy Oak Hunting Edition 2016-2017
Commander 1000 X 2013-2013
Commander 1000 XT 2013-2017
Commander 1000 XT-P 2014-2017
Commander 1000R DPS 2018-2018
Commander 1000R Mossy Oak Hunting Edition 2018-2018
Commander 1000R XT 2018-2018
Commander XT 1000R 2019-2020
Commander XT 800R 2019-2019
Commander DPS 1000R 2019-2020
Commander DPS 800R 2019-2020
Commander LIMITED 1000R 2019-2020
Commander MAX 1000 2014-2015
Commander MAX 1000 DPS 2014-2016
Commander MAX 1000 Limited 2015-2018
Commander MAX 1000 XT 2016-2018
Commander MAX 1000R DPS 2017-2018
Commander MAX 800R DPS 2016-2018
Commander MAX DPS 800R 2019-2020
Commander MAX LIMITED 1000R 2019-2020
Commander MAX XT 1000R 2019-2020

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