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Polaris Ranger 1000 STD & Crew (New Body Style) Stage 3 Clutch Kit with Heavy Duty Primary (2018-2020)

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Polaris Ranger 1000 STD & Crew (New Body Style) Stage 3 Clutch Kit with Heavy Duty Primary (2018-2020)

Upgrade your UTV with the Stage 3 Clutch Kit designed for high horsepower setups and demanding terrains. Our complete heavy duty AA primary clutch, featuring an encapsulated tower design, is proven to hold power better, withstand high horsepower, and minimize belt slippage. The clutch's superior belt grip at higher RPM delivers better power transfer and acceleration, while maintaining lower belt temperatures than OEM or aftermarket clutches.


  • Buttery smooth engagement eliminates the factory jerk off idle
  • Recommended with tuning for higher RPM and peak power
  • Faster acceleration and wicked throttle response
  • Cooler running belt temps, especially with larger tires
  • Extended belt and clutch life
  • Consistent clutch performance
  • Easily adjustable magnetic clutch weights
  • Custom AA profile with nitrocarburizing coating for increased wear resistance
  • Great performance and tuning flexibility

Kit Includes:

  • Aftermarket Assassins Primary Clutch
  • Primary Bolt
  • Aftermarket Assassins magnetic adjustable clutch weights
  • Aftermarket Assassins primary spring
  • Weight setup sheet
  • Custom primary spring limiter
  • Aftermarket Assassins secondary spring
  • Aftermarket Assassins custom cut helix
  • Aftermarket Assassins Extreme Heavy Duty primary sliders


Compatible with all 2018-20 STD Ranger 1000 Models & 2019-20 Ranger 1000 Crew Models with the NEW Ranger 1000 Body Style Performance Helix 107-1043: Designed for aggressive acceleration and higher horsepower, works best on Rangers with 27-30" tires or 31-35" tires with gear reduction High Load Helix 107-1042: Provides good acceleration gains and power transfer, ideal for heavier vehicles, tires, or crawling type riding, suitable for Rangers with 31-35" tires and OEM gearing

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