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Polaris RZR Trail 900 Complete Geared-Reverse Transmission



A Game-Changing Geared-Reverse Transmission for Your Polaris RZR Trail 900
Let's get real about your RZR's transmission—it's the heart of your drivetrain. And honestly, it's time to give it the boot. Between that flimsy reverse chain and paper-thin case, stock just isn’t up to the task. That's where our complete geared-reverse transmission comes in. It’s tailor-made for your Polaris RZR Trail 900, so there are no modifications required to install it. It's a mega-upgrade for your entire transmission.
  • Geared reverse eliminates stock’s reverse chain
  • Upgraded pinion and snorkel gears
  • Upgraded pinion bearing retainer
  • Upgraded case
  • Optional gear reductions
3 Times Stronger in Reverse
Your stock reverse chain is weak even by stock standards. We swapped it out with a reverse gear that's 3 times stronger than stock. You won’t have to worry about that chain giving out when you slam it in reverse in tricky situations.

A Pinion and Snorkel Gear That Are 2.5 Times Stronger
We beefed up the pinion and snorkel gear set to make it 2.5 times stronger than the stock set. They’re paired with a 300M output shaft too. Put your foot down and let it rip.

The Toughest Pinion Bearing Retainer You Can Get
Strong gears are important, but you need a rock-solid retainer to keep meshing perfectly. Our thick, 6 mm retainer uses a six-bolt pattern to make it the strongest you can get. It’ll keep your gears where they're supposed to be in forward and reverse, no matter how heavy your foot gets.

Rock-Solid Case
Our cast aluminum case is no pushover either. We bulked up the snorkel tube with more material to eliminate stock’s weak spot. We also added bigger fins and gussets for more strength and better cooling because a cooler case is sturdier than a hot one.

Eliminates Turf Mode!
If your RZR Trail has turf mode, our transmission deletes it. That’s because the turf mode mechanism is weak and can cause failures even when you’re not using it. Removing it is a big improvement.

Pick Your Power Level
Need more torque for your setup? Pick from a variety of torque-boosting gear reduction options for your tranny. We have stock, 12.5%, 25%, and 37.5% reductions to choose from. Gear reductions make heavy tires feel lighter and give you more acceleration with big modifications like lifts and portals.

WARNING: This product can impact machine operation. Customer and/or user is responsible for ensuring that this product is compatible with their machine as currently configured, properly installed, and understands any impact this product has or might have on the machine's operation.

⚠ California Proposition 65 Warning ⚠
WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • Complete, assembled, drop-in, Turbo-style transmission
  • Hob-cut, heat-treated, ground gears ensure perfect mesh
  • Geared reverse
    • 3x stronger than stock
    • Extremely durable
  • Upgraded snorkel gear set
    • Pinion shaft and gears made with 9310 heavy-duty steel
    • Front output shaft made with 300M
    • 2.5x stronger than stock
    • Precision ground gears are mated perfectly for less wear and smoother operation
    • Eliminates a major weak spot in the transmission
    • Strengthens the entire drivetrain
  • Upgraded transmission case
    • More support ribs and gussets than stock
    • Extra fins help keep your transmission cool
    • More metal reinforcing the snorkel tube and axle output areas
    • Includes all necessary seals
  • No turf mode
  • Multiple gear reductions available:
    • Stock gear reduction
    • 12.5% gear reduction
    • 25% gear reduction
    • 37.5% gear reduction available in several applications
  • Refer to your owner's manual for oil requirements

Polaris RZR Trail 900 : 2021+

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