Polaris RZR XP 1000 Stage 4 Recoil Clutch Kit (2016+)

Select Kit: Standard Load / Keep Engine Braking
Tool Options (Optional): Add AA Belt Removal / Installation Tool (+$25)
Revolver Billet Cover (Stronger, More Airflow) (Optional): Yes add the revolver cover (+$225)
Sale price$1,745.00


The absolute ultimate kit for your 2016+ RZR XP 1000! This clutch kit replaces your entire primary clutch, secondary clutch and all internals... completely new clutching with the AA high performance clutch kit. For 2016 and newer machines, they went to a BOSS secondary clutch which is cheap and wears out extremely fast, and causes issues.

This clutch is the Team Tied version built specifically for the transmission shaft of the 2016+ models. This is the same style clutch that came on the 2014-15 XP 1000's and other various higher end models throughout the years. This clutch is a great design that works very well and lasts a long time.

Switching to this clutch means less belt/clutch issues, better clutch consistency, and better performance. The primary clutch that comes with this kit is the same as the factory clutch, but with AA HD buttons.

Depending on many factors, we normally see factory secondary clutches start to fail between 1000-2000 miles which can also take our your primary clutch. Replacing both at the same time is the best option.

Our S4 Recoil Clutch Kits pack a huge punch! No matter the terrain, they hit hard and just keep pulling for days. On the trail or racetrack you'll notice wicked acceleration and instant clutch response when getting back into the throttle after hammering that corner.

In the dunes you'll see the same benefits but also have much less bogging when climbing that big dune. The machine will hold RPM so you can get where you need to go and get there faster! Going mudding? Our mud setup will help turn those tires through the thick and deep with much better RPM and wheel speed that's key to climbing out of that hole.

We have a huge amount of CVT knowledge, a great passion for the sport, and spent many hours testing different setups in the real world. We know you'll be extremely pleased with the performance gain from our S4 clutch kits!

The secondary clutch comes professionally set up and is ready to bolt on. It is a Team Tied loaded with our performance helix and spring. This is the same great clutch that came on from the factory in the 2014-15 years. This clutch actually floats on the shaft which helps keep it aligned at idle, and when under torque.

The primary clutch that comes with this kit is the same design as OEM but assembled in house with our HD primary buttons made from a higher grade material (impregnated with Teflon). The clutch also has our HD rollers that are hardened, without a bushing.

This means they will last much longer than the OEM Polaris clutch parts. We also tack weld the spider nut when assembling as they are known to back off and cause major issues. This means the clutch is non rebuildable. Keep in mind that when the clutch would need a rebuild, it's normally time for a new one anyways.

While we set the weights up for you, every RZR is different and there is a chance weight adjustment may be needed. Checking peak RPM after installation is very important.

Our Recoil clutch weights are easily adjustable with simple magnets. They have a custom AA profile, the BEST coating on the market (nitrocarburizing) which has increased wear resistance, improved fatigue strength, and added surface lubricity.

These clutch weights also offer great performance, and the ability to tune for many different applications or modification in the future, without the need to buy extra parts. The magnetic weights are the best option to properly place the mass where we need it on the weight for the best performance for your application.

A great initial setup guideline is included which shows the best setups for dunes, mud, or all around trail riding. This also has brief instructions on installing your clutch kit and other important information.


  • 3-5 Day lead time as we build clutches to order
  • Kits work great with both stock or modified machines
  • A simply must-have when running larger tires or paddles
  • Much faster acceleration
  • Wicked throttle response and quicker downshifts
  • More consistent clutch performance
  • The secondary clutch floats back and forth on the secondary shaft. This ensures the clutch stays aligned with the primary clutch at all times, even under torque/power.
  • Engine braking in the secondary clutch can be removed for more free wheeling when off the throttle
  • Less belt slap on the clutch cover which improves belt life and longevity
  • Cooler running belt temps (especially when running larger tires or paddles!)


  • 2016+ RZR 1000 XP Models 2 & 4 Seat

Two Clutch Kits Available:

Standard Load: The Standard Load clutch kit is meant for stock or near stock size tires (28-30") and is the one for most fast pace trail riders or racers.

High Load: The High Load clutch kit is meant for those with larger tires (31-32"), mud tires, dune riders, and those with paddles 28" or larger. Mudding and dune riding are considered high load and must be clutched slightly different. If planning to run 34-35" tires on stock gearing please contact us about a stiffer secondary spring.

Engine Braking Option: Choose between keeping engine braking like factory or removing it. Most faster pace trail riders/racer or dune riders will choose to remove it. Most slower pace riders like mud, crawling or very hilly terrain will keep the EBS in place.
Looking for more cooling and to strengthen the clutch towers? You can add our Revolver Clutch Cover to this kit for $195 extra.

Special tools recommended for installation:

  • Aftermarket Assassins primary clutch puller
  • Aftermarket Assassins Tied clutch belt removal tool

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