Polaris RZR Turbo Primary Clutch Fan Blade (2016-2020)

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This primary clutch fan blade is a must have for anyone with the turbo/RS1 clutches! The primary clutch has fins on the back side to aid in airflow, but is lacking airflow on the spring side of the clutch. With this fan blade we scoop air and force nearly 50 CFM more air through the clutch ducting over stock above 8200 RPM. This results in a cooler running CVT system and less blown belts. 

Keep in mind if you are thinking of going with a CVT blower that they actually restrict airflow at higher RPM's where you need it most.  Our clutch fan blade will perform better than any CVT blower from 5000 RPM and up where you need it most.

In rare occasions clearance your plastic clutch cover may be needed if the cover is slightly warped.  This would be an extremely small amount and would not effect looks or performance of the clutch cover.  Simply use sand paper or a die grinder if you see the fan blade rubbing (It would actually be the bolts rubbing).  


  • On our meter in the factory clutch ducting, the stock CVT rated at  407 CFM @ 8200 RPM.  With the clutch fan blade we saw 457 CFM @ 8200 RPM
  • Airflow is better at idle to wide open throttle and ramps up the higher the engine speed
  • Installs easily with the supplied longer bolts right over the factory spring plate
  • Adds support to the clutch towers for rigidity helping clutch life and performance
  • Weighs in at only .4lbs, so extremely lightweight
  • Made from anodized aluminum


  • 2016-2019 RZR XPT, Turbo S, and RS1 Models (Not 2020 Pro XP Turbo)

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