Polaris RZR Turbo Extreme HD Clutch Rebuild Kit (2017-2020)

Add Optional Stainless Sliders?: Yes Please ($+60)
Sale price$225.00


This kit replaces all the plastic wearable items in your primary & secondary clutch. These are wearable items we found best to replace every 1500-2500 miles depending on use, dust conditions, and maintenance habits.

Uses our custom molded AA primary sliders.  These custom molded AA primary sliders have a thicker bridge to add strength to the slider.  This keeps them from breaking which is a well known issue with the thinner bridge OEM sliders. Anti-friction ridges are put on the sliding surface to decrease clutch/belt temperatures and make the clutch actuate quicker/smoother under load.  

Uses our custom molded AA helix buttons.   Our custom molded AA helix buttons are a much stronger design due to our improved molding process.  The factory part has voids which cause the buttons to easily break.  When they break this can cause many issues including high engagement, poor performance, and premature clutch wear. Highest quality material possible infused with Teflon for added lubricity.

Kit Includes:

  • 3 Aftermarket Assassins Extreme HD primary sliders
  • 3 Secondary sliders
  • 3 Aftermarket Assassins Extreme HD 2017+ style helix buttons

Kit Option:

  •  Replace your OEM stainless slider savers.  These normally last quite a while, but if your sliders savers have grooves or are beat up due to a slider breaking; you'd want to replace them as well.


  • Fits 2017-2020 RZR Turbo, Turbo S, and all year RS1 models
  • This will fit 2016 models if you upgrade to our helix (helix buttons are the only difference)
  • Does not fit 2021 models as they use a different clutch

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Lance Reidhead
    Turbs 4S Clutch Upgrade

    Worked exactly as one expected. Had excellent color instructions and easy to install.

    Dalton Davis

    Definitely worth the money and better than oem!

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