Talon Rears & Mohawk Fronts Paddle Tires (Set of 4) [ON BACKORDER]

Size: 31X11-15
Paddle Count: 9 Paddle
Sale price$1,520.00


Sandcraft Destroyer Talon Rear Paddle Tire:

The Talon rear paddle tire has the same height and depth as the Extreme, but offers a 14″ width that covers the whole tire to provide better traction. Price includes 4 tires (2 Talon paddle rears and 2 front Mohawks).

Sandcraft Destroyer Mohawk Front Tire:

  • 2-ply rated (UTV specific)
  • Ruff-buffed for better traction
  • Helps pull UTV in 4-wheel drive
  • Designed to eliminate push when turning on standard buffed tires

Which Tire Is Right for You?

Not sure what paddle tires you need? Use the horsepower chart below. This shows paddle options in relation to horsepower rating and will guide you in making the right choice for your specific UTV.


utv paddle tires chart

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