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Top 6 UTV Accessories

Top 6 UTV Accessories - R1 Industries

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There are a lot of cool side-by-side products you can add to your machine to make off-roading safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. Some of the stuff out there is almost necessary while some of it is just for show. But, hey, we’re enthusiasts at R1 Industries, so if it’s just cool, functional, or both, we want to help you find out about it and add it to your machine before your next trip.

Here are 6 of the top UTV accessories you should know about:

For Peace of Mind

First and foremost, if you choose to add only one or two things to your side-by-side, may we recommend picking safety equipment. Being prepared is always a good idea on the off-road.

how to mount a fire extinguisher to a side-by-side

1 R1’s Quick-Release Fire Extinguisher Mount

Every vehicle should have a fire extinguisher properly stored in it for emergencies. It doesn't matter if it's a race car, rock crawler, or daily driver--having a fire extinguisher handy can be a life saver.

R1 Industries has the perfect solution with our NHRA-approved quick-release fire extinguisher mount. The innovative design of this mount offers solid and secure fire extinguisher storage with quick access when needed.

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first-aid kit for side-by-sides

2 Just In Case Rescue Hard-Case Med-Kit

Of course, having medical supplies on-hand in case of injuries off-road is just good practice. It’s not necessary to store them in a hard-case, but it’s not a bad idea, especially if you regularly go through rough terrain.

A hard-case can also be easier to manage and look through when needed. This one also has the added bonus of coming in different colors to stand out or match the style of your side-by-side.

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Small and Helpful Items

Once you’ve been out enough, you’ll come to realize that UTVs don’t always feature basic items you’d expect. Picking up a couple of small and helpful products can make trips that much easier.

parking a side-by-side on a hill

3 Spring Brake Thingy Parking Brake

You can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, with Spring Brake Thingy’s parking brake. Not only does it allow you to lock your brake pedal into place to avoid damage when parked on a hill or incline, it features pre-machined holes for a pad-lock.

Keeping your machine more secure and safe starts with this small and helpful product. Once you have it, you won’t know how you managed without it before.

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utv flag quick disconnect

4 R1’s Quick-Disconnect Whip Mount

Tired of your set screw coming loose on your bulky whip mounts or having to use pliers to pull your cotter pin out? Then these quick-disconnect mounts are for you.

This 1/4-inch quick-disconnect mount is for off-road whips. R1 Industries’ awesome design lets you disconnect your whips in seconds, and these mounts work with any 1/4-inch whip. All the hardware is included, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Cool, Light, and Bright

What’s more fun than adding the best LED light whips and rock lights to your machine? Getting a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty on the best LED light whips and rock lights.

light poles for side-by-sides

5 R1’s Wildcat Extreme LED Light Whips

These whips use the brightest 5050 LED lamps on the market, with tons of research and development from certified engineers backing them up. They will outshine the competition. The LEDs are wrapped around the whips (as opposed to straight-down), giving maximum protection in all directions.

The clearest UV-resistant protective tubing available on the market is also used so that these whips always look brand-new. They have been tested on machines with over 850 horsepower and can withstand extreme abuse.

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rgb lights for side-by-sides

6 R1’s Whip and Rock Light Combo Kit

Get ready to turn some heads and light up the off-road with R1 Industries’ Demon Kit. This kit packs a punch and lets you light up the night without breaking the bank. Our Demon whips and rock lights are controlled with a handheld remote or by the PRO RGB Bluetooth app on your phone—both options are included!

This kit makes a great gift or all-in-one option for both side-by-side hobbyists just starting out and seasoned enthusiasts who want higher-quality gear without the premium price.

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Your UTV Deserves the Best

Whether you’re picking up a new set of whips or getting repairs done, making the most of your side-by-side starts with the best UTV gear and service from R1 Industries. Browse accessories.

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