Polaris RZR Turbo & Turbo S Primary & Secondary Stage 4 Clutch Kit (2016-2020)

Select Model: 2016 RZR Turbo 2 Seat
Select Helix Angle: 1024 Performance Angle
Tire Size: 29
Sale price$1,650.00


Complete clutches assembled with Aftermarket Assassins performance clutch kit parts. This kit is normally for those who have clutches that are worn out.  Let us know your exact model, modifications and tire size.  We'll set your clutches up so they are ready to bolt on. Keep in mind vehicles vary so while they come set up, some minor weight adjustments might be necessary.

While this clutch comes pre set, a setup guideline is included which shows the best setups for dunes, mud, or all around trail riding. This also has brief instructions on installing your clutch kit, and other important information. 


  • Aftermarket Assassins designed high quality replacement clutch with an OEM secondary
  • Kits work great with both stock or modified machines
  • A must have when tuning your RZR turbo
  • A must have when running larger tires or paddles
  • Huge acceleration gains
  • Wicked throttle response when on & off the throttle
  • More efficient power transferred to the wheels
  • More consistent clutch performance
  • Cooler running belt temps (especially when running larger tires or paddles!)
  • Longer belt and clutch life
  • Easily adjustable if needed


  • Fits 2016-20 RZR XP Turbo & Turbo S Models 2 & 4 Seat
  • ** DOES NOT FIT 2021 MODELS**

    Performance Helix 1031(aggressive holeshot):  For 2017-2020 2 seat XPT & Turbo S using 28-32" Tires / 28-32" paddles.  Also for ALL 2016 models(due to lower gearing) unless running larger than 33" tires.  This helix works excellent for the listed setups and has a more aggressive shift angle from 0-25mph over the 1024 performance helix.  This is best for holeshots and aggressive riders that are trail riding, dune riding, racing, and drag racing.  This setup will still crawl good when needed, but if your riding is more slow speed/crawling, we'd suggest the 1024 helix.  

    Performance Helix 1024:  For 2017-2020 2 or 4 seat XPT & Turbo S 28-33" Tires/paddles.  The only difference over the 1031 performance helix is the shift angle from 0-25mph is slightly less aggressive. This makes it better for crawling and those slow speed situations, but it still pulls like crazy when needing to accelerate hard.  A great all around helix choice.  

    High Load Helix: For 2017-2020 2 seat XPT/Turbo S 34-35" Tires.  For 4 seat XPT 32-35" tires / 32" paddles.  If you are using very large/heavy tires, the high load helix might be the choice for you.  The high load helix is recommended for those turning heavy 32-35" tires.  This angle slows the shift down to help act like it's "gearing down" the secondary clutch.  This helps not over shift and cause belt slip in those higher load situations.  If you mostly use your RZR to crawl and/or have heavier 32-35" tires you may want to use this helix.  If you have a heavy 4 seat and running 32" paddles, this would also be a good helix for you.  

    Kits include - Both primary and secondary with the following installed:

    • Aftermarket Assassins recoil magnetic adjustable clutch weights
    • Primary spring
    • Aftermarket Assassins primary limiter
    • Secondary spring
    • Aftermarket Assassins custom helix
    • Setup guidelines/instructions.

    The only special tool needed is a clutch puller. 


    Many of the XPT primary clutches are on the crank very tight(tapered fit).  If removing the primary, make sure you use plenty of grease on the puller tip and threads.  A hammer might be needed to pop the clutch off.

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